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Saint Barbara was a beautiful young woman who was imprisoned by her wealthy pagan father. Learning that she believed in the Holy Trinity, he took her before the prefect of the province who ordered that Saint Barbara be tortured and beheaded. It was by her own father’s hand that a violent and painful death was thrust upon this intelligent and faithful young girl. On his way home, her cruel father was struck by lightning and consumed by fire.

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of all firefighters, artillerymen, and anyone who works with cannons or explosives. She is the protector of all those in danger of sudden death while on the job.

Saint Barbara jewelry has special meaning for anyone whose patron saint is Saint Barbara.  A striking piece is the Saint Barbara gold medal; it makes a thoughtful gift for those who put their lives on the line.

St. Barbara charms usually depict her with a chalice in her hand, standing near the tower.

Do you know someone who is in the military? A St. Barbara medallion or Saint Barbara pendant would be a wonderful way to honor them. St. Barbara medals will be a special reminder that her name can be called upon at anytime for protection.

saint barbara medal

A Saint Barbara medal can also give comfort to anyone who feels imprisoned by the difficulties of life. Just holding a St. Barbara medal and comparing her struggles of imprisonment to our own struggles can help soothe our fears and give us strength to carry on. Wearing a St. Barbara necklace or medallion is a constant reminder of her unyielding faith and courage and reminds us of our strength as bestowed upon us by God.

St. Barbara medals can be used on feast day to decorate the table and honor her day. A St. Barbara charm tied with a simple ribbon makes a lovely napkin holder and provides your guests with a special commemoration of St. Barbara’s day.

There are many different pieces of St. Barbara jewelry to choose from. From Saint Barbara medals to Saint Barbara pendants there is a holy piece that will offer protection from sudden danger.

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