St. Barbara Patron Saint

Whose Patron is St. Barbara

Patron Saint Barbara

Patron saints are selected as special protectors and guardians for important aspects of life. These aspects include professions, diseases, buildings such as churches, and places such as countries or cities and special events.

During the third century, Saint Barbara was a beautiful young virgin who died a violent death at the hand of her pagan father rather than denounce her belief in the Holy Trinity. After he tortured and beheaded St. Barbara, her cruel father was struck by lightning and consumed by fire.
Whose patron is Saint Barbara? Artillerymen and anyone else who works with cannons and explosives are protected by Patron Saint Barbara. She is invoked against thunder and lightning and all accidents arising from explosions of gunpowder. She is venerated by everyone who faces the danger of sudden and violent death in work. A prayer to St. Barbara will protect them.

St. Barbara Patron Saint of US Naval Aviation Ordnancemen (AO), artillerists, anti-aircraft gunners, ammunition magazines; ammunition workers; armorers; artillery; artillerymen; bomb technicians; fortifications; and military engineers-specifically sappers and pioneers. The Artillery arms of the Polish, Greek, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, British, Canadian, and Australian, most Latin American armies as well as many others refer to St. Barbara as their patron. The Spanish term santabárbara and the corresponding Italian term santabarbara mean the powder magazine of a ship or fortress. It was customary to have a statue of Santa Barbara Patron Saint at the magazine to protect the ship or fortress from suddenly exploding.

In the United States the Ancient and Honorable Orders of Saint Barbara are honorary military societies based on the legend of Saint Barbara and induct both current and former members of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps artillery branches into its ranks. Her feast day is December 4th and many of these societies hold formal dinners in her honor to celebrate.

Santa Barbara Patron Saint

Anyone who is in sudden danger from dying while on the job, their patron is St. Barbara and they can invoke her name for protection.

Please remember to say a prayer to Saint Barbara for our military men and women.

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